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We – AGBU Hye Geen – are absolutely committed to building well anchored and healthy women and families in Armenia.  Many pregnant women in Armenia, especially outside the capital of Yerevan, do not have access to social services that are typically set up by modern and solvent governments.  Moreover, without educated female role models and having limited knowledge on healthy behaviors, pregnant women can fall into depression and poor health.  That is why AGBU Hye Geen has set up the AGBU Hye Geen Pregnant Women’s Centers (Center), a family development program, which now thrives in eight Armenian cities – Yerevan, Yeghvard, Talin, Charentsavan, Vanadzor, Stepanakert, Sevan, Etchmiadzin and Berd.

How it Works

AGBU Hye Geen hires a trained facilitator to implement the family development education, which is primarily focused on the pregnant women.  At all times, we have 20 expecting mothers at each center to attend over 100 classes.  The education is refreshing, engaging and interactive for these women.  The trained facilitator leads informative discussions so the pregnant women can share information and adapt healthy behaviors in the family.  The facilitator invites needed experts – gynecologist pediatricians, social workers, psychologists, cosmetologists, lawyers, and physiotherapists – to help the women understand the nuances of healthy bodies and mental health.  Examples of topics covered include stress management, vaccinations, family conflicts and how to overcome them, parent and child relationships, and the importance of kindergarten.   The facilitator also invites husbands and mothers-in laws so they can collaborate on building a stable foundation for the family. 

AGBU Hye Geen provides the funding and partners with Yerevan State University’s Sociology Department to recruit the experts.

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Each center costs $6,200 to operate one center every year.  To sustain the current operations, we need close to $31,000 every year for all the centers.  This funding pays for the trained facilitator (who organizes the classes), the various subject matter experts (who teach the women and their family on how to adequately prepare for raising a newborn), the physical space (where the women have their classes), the weekly healthy meals, essential vitamins, and new clothing for the newborns.


AGBU Hye Geen

has set up 9 thriving centers across Armenia.

As of 2023,

over 11,000 babies and moms

helped and thousands of members in the family touched!