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AGBU Hye Geen preserves and honors the achievements of Armenian women and promotes its role in family and society through research, education and advocacy.  Above all, AGBU Hye Geen provides overall support to empower women as carriers of Armenian cultural heritage.

With the changing needs of Armenians in the diaspora and motherland, AGBU Hye Geen is committed to ensuring that the Armenian heritage is passed from one generation to the next while understanding the increasing demands and lifestyle changes of the community.

AGBU Hye Geen, as a non-governmental organization (NGO), values and is inspired by the United Nations. In 2002, the United Nations proclaimed eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – ranging from radically reducing the poverty rates to reducing child mortality for impoverished countries – by the year 2015.  Given that the nation of Armenia has struggled with poverty, AGBU Hye Geen adopted many of the following MDGs into its own programming.

AGBU Hye Geen has embraced the following MDGs as part of its mission:

  • To reduce extreme poverty and hunger
  • To promote gender equality and empowering women to share the responsibilities of raising a family
  • To reduce the mortality rate of children under the age of five
  • To improve maternal health and reduce maternal mortality rate
  • To encourage Civil Society to take action whenever and wherever possible.

Without coincidence, AGBU Hye Geen focuses on these two community education initiatives:

  • AGBU Pregnant Women’s Centers, a family development program in Armenia which provides education to underserved pregnant women and their families
  • Education & Advocacy forums which are designed to provide education to the global diaspora. AGBU Hye Geen organizes and hosts conferences, lectures, publications (magazine, book), and Hye Geen TV.

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