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Vania Vartzbedian-Gordian
I’m a firm believer that Hye Geen’ carries a very important support system for women here in the U.S and in Armenia and I’m very proud to be part of it! We are a vibrant group of women volunteers, who connect to create an empowering community of strong women. These women have a strong desire to embrace feminism and to face the challenging intersections in our lives. What I love most about Hye Geen is the fact that through our regular conferences and lectures, where we source out important issues with our members with the most impactful speakers, we cater to our members’ needs with information, empowerment, networking and encouragement and raise money to support the five Pregnant Women’s centers in Armenia. We’re fortunate to live at a time where we can inspire women and that we all are capable of gaining new knowledge, supporting and empowering each other!